Bear Hunting

by: HenMo

Bears: Are large mammals, those animals have been hunted since prehistoric times, there are eight living species of bear, are widespread.

Due to their big and imposing size, sharp sense elusiveness and ferocity, bears are the most favoured big game animals, they become nocturnal and are hard to kill by fair hunting.

Bears have the ability to lower their heart rate, using it as a defense mechanism against blood lost.

Bears variations

1- Grizzly Bear: North American sub-species. Bears inhabiting in the interior of Alaska, British, Alberta, Columbia, the Yukon among others are considered to be grizzly and tend to be smaller than their coastal brown. Grizzly season is in the spring or autumn these animals are considered a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

2- Syrian Brown Bear: Small bear sub-species found in Syria, Turkey, Iran and Caucasus mountains of Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Syrian Brown are hunted in the Caucasus, mainly the harsh terrain offers a great challenge to the hunter.

3- Eurasian Brown Bear: Sub-species of brown bear. It is mainly found today in Romania and Yugoslavia with a small numbers found in Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Albania, Greece and others. Eurasian browns usually are hunted during spring or autumn. It is hunted by breaking into their dens during hibernation.

4- Brown Bear: Large specie of bears distributed throughout the Northern hemisphere.

5- Amur Brown Bear: Smaller and darker than the Kamchatka bear, its class encompasses far eastern Russia, Usually hunted Khabarovsk and Primorsk

6- Kamchatka Brown Bear: Large sub-species found in far eastern Siberia. These bears are usually hunted in the Shantar Islands.

7- Siberian Brown Bear: This bear is larger than Eruasian Brown, with a heavier skull and denser bones, is said equal in aggression to American grizzly.

8- American Black Bear: The most common bear´s species native in North America. The largest black bear usually is hunted in late May and continuing through June during breeding season, but spring time
is the preferred to hunters.

In past years Gothic and Norse tribes made hunting with a knife as a rite for young men



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